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New Printek Website

New Printek Website

New Website Delivers Mobile Printing Solutions Faster, Easier than Ever

New VehiclePro 400 Mobile Thermal Printer

VehiclePro 400

Designed Specifically for the Public Safety Vehicle Dash or Console

It is the only printer designed specifically for crowded police, EMS, and fire department vehicles for ticket printing, rip and runs, patient information exchange, and more. The VehiclePro 400 is designed to install quickly and easily, directly into a vehicle’s dash or console to significantly save space in your department's vehicles. There is no need to buy extra mounting equipment or compromise your vehicle interior by using up additional cabin volume with a general purpose mobile printer.

PrintekMobile Launches New 3” Mobile Thermal Printer

Mobile Printer

Benton Harbor, MI
— PrintekMobile, an industry leader for reliable, innovative, rugged mobile printers, has announced the launch of its NEW FieldPro 530 mobile thermal printer series. The FP530 printers will provide smartphone, tablet, and laptop users the ability to print receipts, work orders, invoices, tickets or other documents right from their device. The FP530L has the added capability of printing labels anywhere, anytime. These printers are packed with advanced features to help your mobile workforce become more productive.


PrintekMobile Launches New 8" Thermal Printer - Interceptor 800

Printek interceptor800 left paper

PrintekMobile Launches New 8” Mobile Thermal Printer

 Benton Harbor, MI — PrintekMobile, an industry leader for reliable, innovative, on-the-go rugged mobile printers, has announced the launch of its NEW Interceptor 800 mobile thermal printer.  The I800 will provide smartphone, tablet, and handheld users the ability to print full-page receipts, work orders, invoices, tickets or other printing needs right from their device. This printer is packed with advanced features to help your mobile workforce become more productive.

Streamline Your Parking System with Mobile Parking Ticket Printers

describe the image

It's pretty easy nowadays to find municipalities and counties that use 2"-4" rugged wireless printers with a handheld computer, smartphone or tablet to issue e-citations.   The printers make it easy to print their citations quickly and efficiently in the field, and even re-print them when necessary.  

PrintekMobile Receipt Printers Can Revolutionize Your Food Truck

las vegas food trucks resized 600
In today’s culinary world of quick, delicious meals, the food truck is king. In fact, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, it is estimated that the food truck industry will grow to be valued at over $2.7 million by 2017 (

For those running a food truck, competition is fierce. You have to fight with the big dogs to get your brand out there and keep customers coming back. The surefire way to gain loyal customers is to produce a great product, for a great price, in a short amount of time. Most food truck customers are looking for a great meal while they are on-the-go, and they don’t have time to waste.

Clean Printheads Provide Optimum Mobile Printer Performance

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PrintekMobile printers
 are rugged, reliable printers but in order for them to print at their
optimum level they need to be cleaned periodically. Over time, the printer can accumulate dust and debris inside the housing that can affect the quality of your print job. Cleaning them on a regular basis will insure the best possible print quality and protect your investment for years to come.

Automating Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Operations

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Many companies, both large and small, are realizing the benefits that utilizing mobile technology can bring to their operations.  These benefits are realized both by the company and the customers that they deliver to.

How Genuine Printek Ribbons Save You Money!

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The use of genuine Printek ribbons will insure your printer is performing at its best, year after year. Genuine Printek ribbons are also easy to install and allow for almost uninterrupted operation. Non-Printek ribbons have been shown to cause premature wear on the printhead, one of the most expensive parts to replace in your dot matrix printer!

The Necessity for Businesses to Have a Heavy Duty Dot Matrix Printer

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A heavy duty dot matrix printer is a powerful tool for businesses needing to produce continuous feed multi-part forms. Dot matrix printers use reliable technologies that have proven to be indispensable by large acceptance and continued application. They rely upon well-developed designs that withstand decades of hard use. These printers provide businesses with an affordable solution for printing multiple page forms and numerous copies without excessive maintenance. 

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